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You always scored well in school, you were excellent at sports, you scored well in your Engineering as well in your MBA , your business was one of the best globally, and yet you feel desperately useless today?

If that be the case, then, we are there to assure you that it’s okay and that you are not alone!

But first, let us understand why you and everybody else are in this situation just now.

The recession hit India, followed by the collapse of 3 major banks in USA. The global recession followed. The removal of illegal Indian notes happened. The US-China Trade fracas happened. It was as if, the businesses of the world were first walloped in the face, then in the stomach. And finally between the legs! Nearly every business that mattered were down on their knees, bleeding and trying to somehow breathe. Then the global Virus related pandemic happened. Even while the businesses were trying to breathe, they were kicked in the face! And businesses simply collapsed! Your company did try to open up the office during the breaks from the CORONA RELATED lockdown after the Government permitted you to do so. But the flights, the buses and the trains were not fully operational. Your junior staff could not reach the office even if they wanted to do so. Further, the fear factor of getting infected and possibly dying, made your junior personnel stay away from their office premises. So you started the concept of “Work from home”. But the income being generated was not enough. Yours was not a purely service oriented company. Production had to happen. Quality Tests had to be conducted. Goods had to be transferred from one location to another. Trucks had to operate in large numbers. Your accounts department had to constantly keep records and prepare daily accounts. But none of this was possible as the transport system opening up would mean that there would be a huge inflow of infected people from one city to another. Your company thus decided that they could not afford to pay salaries when there was no income. Naturally, they asked you to sit at home or work from home at highly reduced salaries , or else.

And so, here you are, a highly qualified professional, trying to work as a consultant and earning a pittance. You have begun to have serious doubts about your own capabilities though it is no fault of yours. You need a solution!

Work from home would remain for a very long time to come for the Elite , and Middle rung employees. But to survive, a lot many Junior Middle personnel as well as the Junior level personnel, would be willing to earn monies, and risk work in-spite of the threat of getting infected. They shall all be wearing face masks. Such Junior -Middle and Juniors will travel from one infected zone to another. Many may get infected and get cured. They will develop a resistance. A few may not survive. The Company must think up a medical coverage for such junior employees in order that their medical expenses are covered and in case they do not survive then, their relatives must be  given a sum of money. For example , the supervisors and junior level, such as the factory workers , film industry actors, camera men, lighting staff, Travel Industry personnel etc willing to risk working in the factories or courier offices or travel agencies  , at the airports, or on the flight or such business activities that require mass ground level personnel.

Now follows the natural solution where you may have no hand:

(1) The new market that would emerge would be where the Upper Elite, Elite would continue to control the organization with the help of data as it used to happen in the past. However, numerous Software solutions , including video conferencing,  would now be created by global software developers , to enable work from home  for such Upper Elite, Elite and subsequently be able to collate data globally, relevant to ones work , instruct juniors working at factories or offices or other services towards fulfilling pre fixed goals.

(2) The upper elite and elite may think that they are immune and yet the junior staff working for them may often be a carrier of the virus and thus the elite too will get infected. Medicines would pop up in their variety to cure patients suffering from the Covid-19 infection. Initially, the cost would be prohibitively high but then, gradually, as production volumes increase, the cost would come tumbling down. A general resistance would build up amongst the junior, front line citizens enabling them to be able to fight the infection and get cured.

(3) Business owners and the senior management may start moving out slowly and steadily wearing face masks, head gear and hand gloves, towards their factories and offices by January to mid of year 2021. Investments in factories, material for factories, workers, employees will restart around that time.

(4) Upper middle and middle level individuals would prefer & trust individual transport if they can afford the same, social distancing will continue to be maintained.

(5) Electric cars, scooters would flood the market around that time.

(6) The super expensive flying cars or hovercrafts for the Upper Elite would make a silent entry. People would look up with awe at the Gods of the new world. Modifications in Upper Elite apartments for hovercrafts to fly into an apartment building, will be made possible.

(7) Managements of several companies will now begin to study the Chinese production module. How do they produce at such ridiculously low rates? An important approach that would be brought about in India initially by specific individuals or groups which can afford the huge costs involved in mass production machinery and technology involved. The low cost products that they will produce, will capture the market. Mass production would bring about a sea change in the production strategy of the entrepreneurs of India. Several organizations will now invest in Mass production and subsequently, India will begin to compete with several International brands globally.

(8) Regarding Jobs for the Middle level personnel. The Job market would multiply for tech savvy individuals. So if you need a job in the future, become absolutely tech savvy relating to your job. Study and understand and imbibe every new technology, relevant only to your job, that enters the market.

(9) Every effort will be made to avoid one to one contact. Office doors or handles that are touched by others would become a strict – ‘No No’. Artificial Intelligence will be a part of every object that will now get embedded with a command understanding chip.. Door handles, doors, chairs, computer tables, bedroom doors, toilet doors, etc would all open the moment one points at them and the password would be embedded into a wrist band on each human being.

(10) All future jobs would involve social distancing. Your strategy would be to now sit down and design a structure for yourself and your team wherein ample distance is maintained and yet production goes on as usual. Also plan how video conferencing may be merged with in office discussions. Your data to control your staff will have to be married to Artificial Intelligence. Go online and read as much as possible on what Ai does to your present environment.. Gathering data should become an automatic feature of future software in this regard. .

(11) Branding is important especially when you do not have a job in your hand, and everything that you are doing now, does not give you your expected results. Your friends whom you ring up also say, “No buddy, got no job for you!” Thus this is the right moment for you to increase your brand image. Let people see your face repeatedly during this period. Let them see you repeatedly in relevance to your subject. “How to sell better”, “How to bake a cake”, “How to create a chair from a piece of wood”, “how to give shape to a lump of clay” etc. Very soon people who matter will begin to recognize your face and your job becomes so much easier.!

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